A work force can be a tremendous asset, but it can also be the source of thorny legal dilemmas. The confluence of increasingly complex labor laws, over-eager plaintiffs’ attorneys and an uncertain economy has proven to be an open invitation for employment litigation. The best defense to employment claims is ensuring that they don’t erupt in the first place. Schwartz Law Group provides prevention and compliance counseling for employers on all issues in the mercurial landscape of employment law including age discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, religious accommodations, quid pro quo sexual harassment, hostile work environments, retaliatory termination, whistle blowing and qui tam actions. We have significant experience responding effectively to EEOC and DFEH investigations as well as conducting objective investigations as outside counsel.  We are careful to steer our clients in the best direction when they seek counsel regarding non-compete agreements, wage & hour anomalies, employee privacy rights, drug & alcohol testing, negligent hiring claims and employee background & credit checks. 

"Never fear the want of business. A man who qualifies himself well for his calling never fails of employment in it."

~ Thomas Jefferson
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