Schwartz Law Group is a full service law firm that maintains a network of affiliated attorneys in various jurisdictions. We provide comprehensive legal services and support large corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are usually headquartered in either Atlanta or Southern California. The primary practice areas of Schwartz Law Group include entertainment law, corporate transactions, intellectual property protection and management, commercial real estate leasing, employment law, civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

The business model of Schwartz Law Group is specifically designed to afford senior level legal services (with both seasoned trial skills and in-house sensibilities) at extremely affordable rates. Our clients often use blue chip law firms, but they have come to appreciate that it is often far more cost effective to engage Schwartz Law Group for various matters falling within our relatively diverse expertise. At all times, we remain accessible, efficient and completely focused on our clients' "big picture" interests.

Schwartz Law Group offers creative business solutions and sound legal counsel without offending annual budgets. When a new client engages our firm, it does not take long for it to appreciate firsthand that we are committed to serving them with integrity, professionalism and a rare eagerness to please.
"Los Angeles is a city where the world comes together."

~ Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa
"Atlanta is committed to the best... We value kindness, graciousness, environment, dignity, respect, diversity and compassion. We are a rich people and we are pleased to share our riches with you."
~ Atlanta City Council   
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