​There is a unique benefit to having a seasoned litigator negotiating your commercial agreements. The trial lawyer who has battled in the trenches has a more informed sense of how various issues would ultimately play out before  judge or jury. Consequently, the trial lawyer is better positioned than a career draftsman to evaluate risks and to divine the unknown unknowns. Schwartz Law Group renders detail-oriented transactional services with fresh creativity that is regularly invoked to overcome "fixed pie" perspectives.

We are experienced in a wide variety of deals that includes buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements and associated restrictive covenants, open-ended manufacturing agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property licenses, software developer agreements, advertising agreements, building, construction & improvement contracts, alliance agreements, equipment leases, sales agency contracts, telecommunications agreements, co-branding agreements, product distribution agreements, suretyship & guarantees, sponsorship agreements, employee & independent contractor agreements and non-disclosure/non-circumvention agreements.

You can also rely on Schwartz Law Group to register trademarks and copyrights, and to protect your proprietary information by developing trade secret protection programs.
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